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The selection of Bitters manufactured by Off the Cuffe are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of flavours to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for in craft drinks. With organic botanicals, high quality Irish whiskey newmake spirit and somewhat obsessed team, we guarantee satisfaction.


Aromatic Hedgerow

Irish Bitters

The role of the humble hedgerow is far from simply that of a field boundary. They are part of the historical fabric of the countryside, defining the shape of the land, like the streets of an ancient city. They are home to much fauna and flora, which is where we draw our inspiration for this recipe
Provides a drier finish and a complex herbaceous character to your libations

Marmalade Citrus

Irish Bitters

Marmalade is an evocative ingredient, often either loved or hated, this recipe goes a long way to bringing peoples palates round to truly understanding how great a medley of citrus can be!

With zest and vigor this accentuates the more delicate notes on  both palate and nose

Chocolate Factory

Irish Bitters

The home of our bitters, The Chocolate Factory, and so its namesake, shown here, harken back to time where our building was once redolent with the creamy chocolate aromas of cacao and nougat. Subtle in its approach, Chocolate Factory bitters will not over power, nor cloy, your palate or drink.
Designed with balance in mind, one can deliver from gentle earthiness to unctuous decadence, at a whim.

New Flavors

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